Jack Smerdon

Aspiring Gameplay Programmer - Final Year Undergraduate

Hello! I'm Jack, a third year student at the University of South Wales studying Computer Games Development.
The course itself is directed towards programming over design, with modules incorperating C#, C++ and Python across a broad range of topics.

Chilly No Mates

A Second Year Unity 3D Group Project

Developed in collaberation with Gregory Neale, William Akins, Mariya Hristozova & Sean Brennan.

This open world game created by a team of 5 programmers follows the character of Billy, who is left with none of his possessions when he wakes up in Central Park after a messy night out on the town. As Billy, you must navigate the city and surrounding suberbs to locate your missing clothes, phone, wallet and other items in order to make it to the next party on time. The game currently only features a 5-10 tutorial section with demonstrations of features such as the inventory, questing, pickup/dropping of items, daytime cycle and bladder control.

Initially, my task was to create a fully fledged inventory system inside an interactive GUI, with items stored in suitable catagories and displayed in an informative and intuitive manner. Objects that were collected by the player, using Sean's pick up and drop system, would be stored in the inventory with descriptions, icons and quantity data available for the user to see. From here, the player would also have the ability to use the item or drop it back into the world.

As the project progressed, team and I decided that to make the game more emmersive it would be better to have the system displayed as an app on an interactive phone. This was a key feature of the game from the start but was intended to be found further along the story. It was decided that it would be my responsibility to model a smartphone with a variety of apps for the user to interact with, including the re-implementation of the inventory system, to cover a variety of features that would usually require an on screen prompt rather than something that was in the world with you. In the current build of the game, the player is able to interact with the phone both using the keyboard or controller to view their health app (Showing HP, Energy and Bladder), journal app for quests, the inventory and an anologue clock. Other apps such as the map, banking, camera and a social media platform were all planned but have not yet been implemented into the game.

In addition to this, I produced some of the 3D models found in the world in additon to doing a large amount of level design. The project can be viewed on GitHub here. (Add link jack)

Brains Eden 2018

Fist Full Of 'Nanas - Multiplayer Joy-Con Action

Developed in collaberation with Khalid Ali, Jake Passmore, Nicky Jones & Steven Sparkes.

The Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge annually hosts the largest international student game jam in the UK and in 2018 I had the privilege of attending its 10th anniversary jam. The theme of the event was set as 'unreliable' and our team of 5 programmers were given 3 days (29.5 hours in the university computer labs) to produce an unreliable game.

After much deliberation my team and I decided that the game would be set in the wild west, settling on the idea of a multiplayer mexican stand-off game. The concept of the game was:

4 players, each with a Joy-Con contoller, each have to decide who they are going to shoot. Any player that survives gets a split of the pot of bananas. Whoever has the most bananas after a number of rounds wins.

One of the key gameplay features of the game is to use the arrow keys on the Joy-Con to attract the attention of another player using vibrations. This gives you the option to make an alliance in order to survive the round, although its up to you to determine how reliable this relationship will be.

Missile Command

Python To GameBoy Advance

Converting my python missile command coursework to a usable gameboy cartridge.


Web 3D Level Designer & Object Viewer

'A web-based GUI that will load and display 3D objects that can be viewed interactively with rotation, translation and scaling.'

In the research stages. Watch this space.

Current Build HERE!

Jack Smerdon